Saturday, 30 April 2011


Saya bukan anak yang baik mak.
I know that.
I always upset you mak.
But I'm trying effing hard nowdays to be a good daughter
I am.
Akak selalu sakit kan hati mak.

I'm sorry mak.
Truely i am.
I have nothing to be impress of.

But somedays mom, I'm going to make you proud.
This is a promise.
I love you mom.
More than words can say.
More than my life .

Sincerely your eldest daughter:

 Mia Amira

Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Well actually, ta minat pun blogging ni but since i know Aidil Adha, rasa ade niat lak na buat. So, my inspiration comes from him. WHY.? HOW.? Empunya badan pun tiada jawapan =.=" Myb because i like to read his blog. tah la.! ta sure.

Pe pun finally i make up my mind to create my own blog. Macam cool je ade blog. Boleh post anything as long ta sentuh sensitive issues plus ta dela myusahkan org lain dengar luahan diri en.? Pretty cool can my thought.? hee 1st time create the blog memang terkial kial. HAHA. macam-macam button ade.

But somehow after the whole day struggling, I managed to post my 1st post on my blog page.
Dengan muka bangga.. saya post.! wink wink :D